Dahabiya also spelled (dahabeah, dahabeeyah, dahabiah, dahabiyah and Dahabia). These river-going sailboats were common in Egypt in the days of the monarchy (1920s-40s) when travelers loved to cruise the Nile in style. We’ve revived those elegant days, but with modern comforts. The Dahabiya cruise is an original and peaceful option to navigate on the river Nile and discover the most singular places of the landscape.
Dahabiya cruises provide all the facilities of large cruise ships while offering the advantage of a more intimate setting. The name Dahabiya comes from the Arabic word, Dahab, meaning Gold. Dahabiya, was given its name from the golden color of the original Dahabiyas, originating in the 1920s. We have now revived this luxurious mode of travel, making the boats more comfortable and adding more facilities. We hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to sail down the Nile, exploring some of Egypt’s ancient sites in the same manner as those nearly 100 years before you.

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