Lake Nasser

The construction of the High Dam at Aswan led to the creation of the world’s biggest man-made lake, Lake Nasser, Created as a result of the Aswan High Dam, the lake covers a 500-km2 region known in antiquity as Nubia. To salvage the area’s rich archeological heritage, UNESCO launched the Nubian Campaign in 1960, an effort involving 54 countries over a period of 20 years. And with it the opportunity to cruise its picturesque, unpopulated and tranquil waters on board luxuriously furbished vessels, visiting a selection of quieter temples and ancient sites. Many of these temples represent incredible feats of modern engineering, as they have been moved from their original sites to escape the rising waters brought about by the construction of the dam. King of all the wonders Lake Nasser has to offer is Abu Simbel and its two stunning temples, surely Egypt’s best treasure after the Great Pyramids of Giza and not to be missed.

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Super Deluxe

Luxury extends from the cabin to the public areas, room service available 24/7, ala-carte meals as well as buffets, black tie receptions to country club casual. No t-shirts, shorts. Children under 12 generally not allowed on board.


Luxury, comfort, personal attention in a more formal atmosphere. No shorts at meals, country club casual dress at certain events, rarely have children on board. Age range some older than standard.


Comfort, personal attention but in more of a laid back atmosphere. You might see people wearing shorts at meals. Age ranges from children (with families) to senior citizens.